With the cost of buying a new car very expensive these days, looking for other ways to get a premium used vehicle at half the price can be a daunting search. Fortunately, certified pre-owned models or used cars from our Boise dealership is an excellent place to buy a used vehicle! They cost less and buying a used car still gives drivers a choice of which models they want, allows them to avoid depreciating value, and still receive a top notch vehicle.


If you were to buy a brand new car, truck, van, SUV, or crossover today, you would need to put at least 10% down towards a down payment while being confronted by multiple costs and fees for new vehicles. If you decide to lease, your payments will be less, but you’re under tight, stringent guidelines for mileage, car cosmetics, and insurance coverage for the lease.

Your other option, is to buy an amazing car for much less if it’s used! With Internet Auto Rent & Sales, we have a large inventory selection of models that will meet the highest of standards. Whether you prefer a luxury ride, powerful and rugged truck, a safe; family approved SUV, or a practical sedan, we’ll get you in the vehicle you need!


Another reason buying a new car can be an problem is value depreciation. As soon as you drive off the lot, your vehicle is becoming less valuable. New cars today can lose up to 30% of its total value in the first two years of ownership after purchase.

When buying a used vehicle, you can chat with our sales or service staff about the models have the potential to be resold in the future and still get a excellent amount of money back! This gives you more freedom to driving a vehicle now and the option to buy another one in the years to come. Also, shoppers can receive money back from the first sale of the used car.


Our dealership’s pricing policy is based on the market fluctuation in costs and demand for particular vehicles. Because of Internet Auto’s “new car alternative,” we provide vehicles that are lightly used and have low mileage. Thus, shoppers will be getting a like-new vehicle! We are constantly updating our inventory to provide the best value for our customer on lightly used vehicles with low miles. We will not price our cars ahead of time because we want to quote you the lowest market value. We can also adjust our market value for certain used, low mile vehicles in order to keep our vehicles frequently updated.

At Internet Auto Rent & Sales in Boise, you can explore the largest inventory selection of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We have over 23 lenders available to help with all credit options along with financing as low as 1.49%. When you’re ready to discover our incredible inventory, please contact us at (208) 447-9944.

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